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Driving. Atmospheric. Epic. Russian techno-trance-progressive duo MOONBEAM have had their music described in myriad ways, though what's certain is that there is ecstatic swooning on a dancefloor when their tunes are dropped. Comprising of brothers VITALY and PAVEL KHVALEEV, the DJs/producers MOONBEAM release their third full-length studio album THE SECRET (Moonbeam Digital) on November 8th, 2011, worldwide.

Following their previous studio albums – 2010's Around The World (Black Hole) and 2008's Consumption (Soundz) – the bar was set high for THE SECRET. An artistic journey, THE SECRET is haunting, downright sensuous, minimal, and at times highly charged. Throughout it all, the album is brilliant in its cinematic scope and willingness to inhabit the realm where dreams and consciousness bleed into one.

The first single from THE SECRET is "WANDERER," released September 15th as a Beatport exclusive and September 29th on iTunes and all other retailers. "Sensitivity," the second single, will be released October 13th (Beatport), and October 27th (iTunes and all other retailers). Following the release of THE SECRET, the third and fourth singles will be released, with "Excess" on December 8th (Beatport) and December 22nd (iTunes and all other retailers); and "I Love Your Face" in January, 2012. North American tour dates will be announced on the artists' website.

DJs since 2003, MOONBEAM have steadily built a devoted following by playing clubs of all sizes and the major European festivals, bringing their sometimes-dark, sometimes-soaring sounds to the European clubbing masses. In 2005, the pair founded their Moonbeam Digital imprint and have been releasing music from cutting-edge EDM artists ever since.

Having released in excess of 177 original productions and remixes, as well as 18 professionally produced music videos created by the video and graphics design arm of their operation, MOONBEAM's music has won the support of the world's biggest DJs, including: ARMIN VAN BUUREN, TIESTO, FERRY CORSTEN, AXWELL, MARCUS SCHULZ, MATT DAREY, PAUL VAN DYK, JUDGE JULES, JOHN DIGWEED and countless others. Besides having released music on their own Moonbeam Digital label, MOONBEAM have also released music on the esteemed Black Hole Recordings, Armada Music, Be Yourself Music, Proton Music, Traum Schallplatten and many other labels.

Booking (USA, Canada & Western Europe):
Booking (Russia, CIS and Rest of the World):

Moonbeam feat. Avis Vox - Disappearance

01 Disappearance (Dis Play Remix)
02 Disappearance (Aerofeel5 Remix)
03 Disappearance (Daniel Loudlight Remix)
04 Disappearance (E-Spectro Remix)
05 Disappearance (Isotope 227 Remix)
06 Disappearance (Dub Makers Remix)
07 Disappearance (D.Yashnov Remix)
08 Disappearance (DeftoN Remix)
09 Disappearance (DJ Marshan Remix)
10 Disappearance (Kollektiv SS Remix)

The last and the biggest single from Moonbeam's album 'The Secret'. For a dessert Moonbeam Digital have prepared 10 best remixes of 'Disappearance' recorded with Avis Vox.

During 2 months we were in the process of selecting the best works from hundreds of candidates. Thanks to the special remix contest we have identified the most appropriate producers for the last single from 'The Secret'.

This 10 remixes represent different genres: from chill to progressive, from dubstep to trance.

Among those producers who have prepared their remixes, some of them already have been released on our label. But some of them you will hear for the first time.

Dis Play, Aerofeel5, Daniel Loudligh, E-Spectro, Isotope 227, Dub Makers, D.Yashnov, DeftoN, DJ Marshan, Kollektiv SS.

From such a large number of remixes, we hope that you find something close to you.

Enjoy listening.

Release Date:
24th April 2012


Moonbeam feat. Blackfeel Wite - In Your Eyes

01 In Your Eyes (Original Mix)
02 In Your Eyes (Ilya Soloviev Remix)
03 In Your Eyes (Beat Service Proglifting Remix)
04 In Your Eyes (Radio Mix)

Moonbeam Digital release one of the latest singles from Moonbeam's album "The Secret". Now it came the turn of "In Your Eyes" featuring Blackfeel Wite. One of the most relaxing and melodic tracks of the album takes a new guise thanks to the remixes from two rising stars from Russia and Estonia - Ilya Soloviev and Beat Service.

The people who came to Moonbeam's "The Secret' tour in a different cities and countries were realy falling in love with this track and now Moonbeam Digital wants to show some other versions of this beatiful masterpiece. First remix comes from russian rising star Ilya Soloviev, well known guy thanks to his regular entering with his stunning remixes to the radioshows of top musicians of the world .

And another great mix comes from Estonian producer Beat Service; from guy who has really a signature recognizable style.

Release Date:
27th March 2012


Moonbeam feat. Fisher - I Love Your Face

01 | Love Your Face (Original Mix)
02 | Love Your Face (Sol Noir Remix)
03 | Love Your Face (Angry Medusa Remix)
04 | Love Your Face (Radio Mix)

One day they already have proved that working with this singer necessarily lead to success. One has only to remember the hit "Love Never Dies" and you will immediately recall posh voice of U.S. singer Fisher. Now, to repeat this success, they want to present brand new track.

Working on the new album "The Secret", the guys from Moonbeam decided to invite Fisher again, and after some time we have one of the major tracks of the album - «I Love Your Face».

Except original version, track is also remixed by well-known trance duo Sol Noir, the authors of the famous hit 'Superstring' (500 000 views on YouTube).

And one more remix comes from "Angry Medusa" which was created by a well known artist of the electronic dance scene, but he decided to stay anonymous for the goal to be perceived genuine.
Discover a style full of downbeat atmosphere which transfers the gorgeous voice of the original into something passionate mysterious!

Release Date:
28th Ferbuary 2012


Moonbeam feat Leusin - Daydream

01 Daydream (Original Mix)
02 Daydream (Eximinds Remix)
03 Daydream (Ben Lb Remix)
04 Daydream (Andrea Roma Remix)
05 Daydream (Radio Mix)

Moonbeam Digital continues to present singles from 3rd Moonbeams album – 'The Secret'. And now it's time for 'Daydream' which was recorded with Moscow singer Leusin. Rhythmic bassline, equable sound along with beautiful vocal by Leusin makes this track truly impeccable.

Besides the original mix, release contains remix from Moscow trance duo called Eximinds (tracks and remixes from them have been published by Enhanced, Armada, Spinnin etc).
Next remix comes from Paris producer Ben Lb who made a real techno bomb with this track.
And the last remix presented by Italian talent Andrea Roma (should note that one of his tracks now in Beatport Minimal top 10).
Also releases include Radio Mix.

DJ support:
Armin van Buuren (A State of Trance 545), Markus Schulz, Judge Jules, Dash Berlin, Dubfire, Anna Lee, Matt Darey, Arnej, Andy Moor, Bobina, Pedro del Mar, Andy Duguid, M.I.K.E., and many others.

Release Date:
31st January 2012


Moonbeam feat. Pryce Oliver - Excess

01 Excess (Original Mix)
02 Excess (Marsbeing Remix)
03 Excess (Dub Mix)
04 Excess (Radio Mix)

Coming up next on Moonbeam Digital third single from 'The Secret' album by Moonbeam called 'Excess'.

After 'Wanderer' and 'Sensitivity' we are going to show one more music bomb for you. Excess shows us perfect combination of music vocal and sound. Important to note that bright voice of Pryce Oliver makes this track really cool. Also package contains Radio, Dub Mixes and a remix from Marsbeing (wait for his debut album in 2012 on Moonbeam Digital).

Release Date:
8th December 2011 (Beatport)
22nd December 2011 (iTunes and etc)


Moonbeam feat. Tomomi Ukumori - "Sensitivity"

01 Sensitivity (Original Mix)
02 Sensitivity (Soarsweep Remix)
03 Sensitivity (Aerofeel5 Remix)
04 Sensitivity (Dubstep Mix)
05 Sensitivity (Radio Edit)

After a huge success of the first single from "The Secret", Moonbeam drops another single from upcoming album. This time they choose another great track with Japanese singer Tomomi Ukumori called Sensitivity. Rhythmic tempo, melodic synth, dubstep parts, and of course amazing vocal from Tomomi - this is Moonbeam sensitivity.

Wanna know how Russia and Japan together in a music production? 'Sensitiety' - it's a great example of such collaboration.

Release Date:
13th October 2011 (Beatport)
27th October 2011 (iTunes and etc)


Moonbeam & Eitan Carmi feat. Matvey Emerson - "Wanderer"

01 Wanderer (Original Mix)
02 Wanderer (ProgressiveR Remix)
03 Wanderer (Eitan Carmi Mix)
04 Wanderer (Matvey Emerson Mix)
05 Wanderer (Radio Edit)

The first single from our upcoming album 'The Secret'. Official music video has received about 150,000 views. Release supported by Armin van Buuren (A State of Trance 525), Markus Schulz (GDJB – 8th Sept), Matt Darey (Nocturnal Sunshine 172), Rank 1, Gareth Emery, Axwell, Dash Berlin, A.S.Y.S., and many others.

Release Date:
15th September 2011 (Beatport)
29th September 2011 (iTunes and etc)